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About Us

Vipnet360 is an agency born and created within a digital environment. Our work is focused on creating innovative, creative and, above all, effective strategies. We are committed to outdoing ourselves with each of our clients’ projects.


Professionalism, creativity and eagerness to find out innovative and original methods to surprise our clients are some of the features that define our team.

Álvaro Ramírez-Cárdenas

Managing Director ArcVipnet360

Inés Morillo

Marketing Director ImaVipnet360

Ignacio Fernández

Senior Digital Strategist IfjVipnet360

Carmen Fernández

Social Video Strategist

Dante Alcocer


Javier Peña

Online Studies Coordinator

Susana Cáceres

Creative Director

Rosa Merlo

Administrative Staff

Juan Ponce

Digital Project Manager

Cecilia Rojas

Digital Project Manager

Marta Aguado

Digital Project Manager

Cristina Sánchez del Valle

Digital Content Manager

Enrique Sobrini

Social Media Consultant

Javier Moronatti de Mendizabal

Digital Content Manager

Nadya Romero

Digital & Event Consultant

Nicolau Roca

Data Engineer

Antonio Rey

Back End Developer

Lienard Toro

Back End Developer

Henry Quevedo

Front End Developer

Yael Todaro

Front End Developer

Ana Arbex

SEO & SEM Strategist

Andreu Salom

CRM & Digital Marketing Manager

Telmo Freire

Blockchain & Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Guindo

Web & Graphic Designer

Laura Balestrini

Web & Graphic Designer

Erica García

Web & Graphic Designer

Lucía Torrego

UX & UI Designer

Jesús Tendero

Digital Video Editor

Julian Abad

Motion Designer

Natalia Guzmán

Social Media Consultant

Pablo Osío

Social Media Consultant

Rudy Cáceres

Back Office Assistant

Patricia Urquizo

Back Office Assistant

Andrea Castro

Back Office Assistant

Myriam Aguilar

Web Editor

Helena Madera

Web Editor

Joaquín Nájera

Web Editor

Patricia Ortega

Web Editor

Nathalie Biain

Web & Video Editor

Marta Rodriguez

Knowledge Management Specialist

Miriam Sobrino

Motion & Graphic Designer

Our office

This is our space, this is where ideas arise.

Our clients

Our main mission is to grow and improve with each client.
At Vipnet360 we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand their business, their market, their concerns, their strengths and their weaknesses and, ultimately, to offer them a high-quality custom service.
We want to help them achieve their goals by creating a strong partnership based on mutual trust.


Work with us

At Vipnet360 we are constantly looking for talented people.
If you think you have it and you love a digital environment, upload your CV here.
We will contact you as soon as possible.



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