A Digital Transformation with the support of vipnet360

Digital Transformation

We understand what it takes to make the move towards digital transformation: strategy, leadership, innovation and disruption. Let us join you on this journey

Business Intelligence

We analyse data and turn them into relevant information and knowledge to help you to make the best business decisions aimed at boosting your company’s competitiveness.

Strategic Consulting

Every company needs to be able to identify business opportunities or to manage changes within their structure.

We help you to implement innovative solutions that allow you to reach your goals.

Digital Benchmarking

We analyse the digital actions that competitors implement, in order to get the bigger picture of the sector and, taking it into account, define the strategy to lead the market, attract new clients and encourage customer loyalty.

Corporate Training

We provide you with the training you need to lead your business to digital transformation. We give courses for executives and employees to receive complete training in online marketing or related topics. Our courses are tailored to your company’s needs.

Some of our In Company courses are: LinkedIn Sales, Branding on Twitter and Facebook, Web Positioning (SEO and SEM), Social Ads, How to integrate mobile marketing in your digital strategy, Twitter for executives, Google Analytics, Social Media Manager integration and their duties within the company, etc.

Multichannel Marketing

Nowadays, clients are more demanding regarding the services they purchase or the products they consume. Companies must strive to keep their persona top of mind and retain their clients.

We are aware of the importance of multichannel marketing to retain clients, and we know how to manage it to help companies along the journey to digital transformation.