Digital Marketing with Vipnet360 profesionals

Digital Marketing

We create projects, define aims and get results. We have experts in communication, marketing and technology.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of your company and of its image to your clients and potential clients is your major asset. Losing your online reputation would render all other actions and campaigns useless.
We study your current online reputation and devise specific actions to clean it up, ridding it of negative results or criticism.

  • Online Monitoring
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Opinion Management
  • Digital Legal Consulting

Online Monitoring

Our team can classify any information and evaluate the sentiment of opinions on the Internet regarding a brand, a product or a service.

We thoroughly monitor the required keywords. We have digital tools which allow us to receive notifications, monitor hashtags, carry out advanced searches and analyse forums and blogs.

Right to be forgotten

You may now exercise your right to be forgotten and ensure that any information that worries you does not appear on the Internet.

The right to be forgotten is a Google resource that allows complete deindexation of all such search results which make unfounded suggestions and criticism about personal matters.

Opinion Management

Reputation is a differential value for a brand. Satisfied customers can easily become opinion leaders, so why not take advantage of it?

We create interaction strategies to obtain specific information relating to brands, products and/or services with the aim of helping to improve and foster customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

We develop social media marketing that meet the target, aims and actual needs of your brand, products or services. This is done by taking your corporate online marketing strategy into account.

Furthermore, we are experts in live broadcasting of events via Twitter (live tweeting) and video platforms (live streaming).

  • Community management
  • Instagram Experience
  • Linkedin / B2B Experience
  • Social Media Ads
  • Video streaming

Community management

At Vipnet360 we devise your brand’s editorial plan on social networks according to your target and aims. Also, we create an action protocol to manage interaction with your community.

Community managers will implement the content and action strategy. One of their essential tasks will be to interact with users and perform actions to strengthen your brand.

We also define the method to measure results in order to readjust and optimise the strategy and actions at any time.

Instagram Experience

We develop your initial Instagram strategy and organise creative contests aimed at expanding your community.

We work using visual engagement, which is a much better and faster way of telling stories than with words. We also use brand personality, since a picture is the most powerful way to communicate and convey the beliefs and values of your brand.

Linkedin / B2B Experience

Our mission is to ensure that your brand builds a powerful business profile which is focused on generating business opportunities and/or searching for talent.

What are the benefits of Linkedin?

  • It gives you a place as an expert in your market
  • It generates qualified traffic to your website
  • It allows you to increase your contact network
  • You have a direct link with your customers and potential customers
  • It generates shared knowledge

Social Media Ads

We manage large advertising budgets on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, which allows us to have a direct communication channel with these large companies. We receive official consulting to optimise each of our campaigns.

Thanks to working with Social Media Ads, we are always up to date with new campaign formats. Thus, we can even give our clients the chance to experience some of the new formats which may generate higher return.

Video streaming

Always at the forefront of Social Networks, at Vipnet360 we offer our clients the best strategy via Periscope and Facebook Live.

Benefits of video streaming

  • Humanisation. It lets you connect with your potential customers.
  • It allows you to reach a wide number of viewers due to its integration with Twitter, in the case of Periscope, and with Facebook, in the case of Facebook Live.
  • High engagement.

Mobile Marketing

If you have not considered a Mobile Marketing strategy yet, you are losing out on many business opportunities which could give your business the boost it needs.

At Vipnet360 we can undertake projects from the development of iOS and Android applications, advergaming, marketing with QR codes, mobile web design, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, to SEO positioning of Applications (ASO) and Ad campaigns on Apple Store and Google Play.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Development of Apps
  • Gamification
  • Mobile Ads

App Store Optimization (ASO)

We offer you end-to-end advice to boost your app sales in app stores.

At Vipnet360 we work with an app development team, supported by an expert in app positioning specialised in Google Play and Apple Store.

  • More than 60% of app installations are made from search results in the app stores.
  • ASO reduces customer acquisition costs.
  • An app positioning depends on the correct operation of a chain made up of a good product, a good communication plan and a good customer acquisition plan.

Development of Apps

We know that the application market is still a rich source of business opportunities for any brand. This is why we have digital marketing and technology development experts that enable us to offer apps designed to generate profits and reach the given targets.

We believe that a solid ASO strategy (SEO positioning for applications) is essential for any application and should be implemented as of the development stage in order to increase the chances of success. At Vipnet360 not only can we develop apps but we can also provide consulting services and implement positioning strategies.


At Vipnet360 we create the best gamification strategies.

These strategies can be applied to diverse environments, even including video formats. We have many success stories regarding the use of this type of strategy in Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

What can you achieve through gamification?

  • Increasing your brand interaction.
  • Receiving constant feedback from your users.
  • Encouraging teamwork and improving the work environment.

Mobile Ads

It is worth asking: Are my brand adverts optimised for mobile or tablet screens?

At Vipnet360 we do not only work with Google Adwords, but also with several Ad Markets which are specialised in promoting apps which will help you achieve your targets: boost your conversion, and as a result the ASO of your apps, generate online traffic, carry out cross-selling, etc.



We have a team specialised in SEO whose work methodology is focused on increasing organic traffic from search engines and developing strategic keywords.

We have vast experience in web projects and we always achieve the best results. As an important part of positioning, we assess results through web analytics and we track usability.

  • ASO
  • Linkbuilding
  • Penalties
  • SEO


At Vipnet360 we work with an app development team, supported by an expert in app positioning specialised in Google Play and Apple Store.

  • More than 60% of app installations are made from search results in the app stores.
  • ASO reduces customer acquisition costs.
  • An app positioning depends on the correct operation of a chain made up of a good product, a good communication plan and a good customer acquisition plan.


At Vipnet360 we are aware of the great importance that SEO positioning is gaining nowadays for major companies. In fact, we have noticed a higher demand for these services. We know that many companies may consider Linkbuilding as a risk they do not want to take. We understand this, because poor Linkbuilding can penalise a website.

We have already made a large investment not only in professional tools but also in research and training to provide our clients with a high-quality and well-monitored off-page SEO.

Links will be generated from different reliable platforms, 100% manually. We will apply media impact strategies, sponsorships, guest blogging, social feeds and PR, among others.


Digital competition can also be unfair. You may have noticed a decrease in your sales, which may often be a consequence of a negative SEO attack by one of your competitors on the Internet.

Our experts carry out a detailed analysis to find out the reason why your website position dropped overnight. Through this analysis, we provide you with a complete report that clarifies whether your website has received any penalties or not.

We know the appropriate tools to help your website to recover from a penalty and regain its original positions, by blocking incoming links and using other tools provided by search engines to appeal drastic sanctions relating to these issues.


Our team is very powerful and enthusiastic about effective positioning. We successfully implement the best SEO practices because we know how important it is not only to be among the first hits in search engines, but also to stay there through time.

Our SEO team is specialised in on-page SEO, local SEO, branding SEO, content SEO and video SEO.


Online Campaigns

At some point of a brand communication strategy it will be necessary to additionally boost the launch of a product or service, promotion, specific action, content, etc. Undoubtedly, online campaigns are one of the essential actions that should be implemented in any of these cases.

Our team of experts maximises the profitability of online campaigns with the most appropriate ad copies, materials, settings, segmentation and bids.

  • Influencers & Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Real Time Bidding
  • SEM
  • Social Media & Mobile Ads

Influencers & Bloggers

Influencers y Bloggers

The 2.0 era has meant fundamental changes in communication, marketing and online public relations.

Bloggers and influencers are the main source of information for blogs, forums, social networks and in general, all ‘satellite’ communities which revolve around a brand. They are opinion leaders who have a lot of influence on users.

At Vipnet360 we define and implement your PR strategy as one of the main cornerstones of your online communication plan.

Affiliate Marketing

There are three core players in Affiliate Marketing: The affiliate network, the affiliates and the merchants.

The affiliate network creates an advertising platform and a network of affiliates (Websites that want to make their traffic profitable). At Vipnet360 we negotiate on our clients’ behalf with the affiliate network only rather than with affiliates, by defining prices for the required action (for example, a sale). Once the negotiation is over, affiliates can join the offer and promote it on their website, receiving the profit established for each sale.

This marketing strategy is aimed at a direct result, where you only pay if the target is achieved.

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding allows you to optimise advertisements for a specific audience. This generates significant savings in advertising investment, and also maximises the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. It is not intrusive or disturbing for potential customers.

Real Time Bidding together with Big Data result in very fast programmatic buying of digital advertising spaces with even better results.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes every concept relating to marketing in search engines. However, it has been progressively accepted in the industry has a synonym for paid campaigns on Google Adwords or Bing Ads, for example.

We have a team of certified professionals that can generate qualified traffic to your website by using this advertising format. In the long run, this traffic will bring leads and conversions to your business.

YouTube is the second most important search engine after Google. Campaigns through YouTube are also very powerful and can help to take your business to the next level.

Social Media & Mobile Ads

Social Media

Our agency has competed in different occasions with other agencies. We have always won in aspects concerning campaign optimisation managed through social platforms. We exceed the KPIs given by our clients and achieve very competitive costs per click and per mille.

Mobile Ads

Publish adverts on mobile apps, reimpact those who had previously visited your website with the apps they use everyday, using powerful campaigns adapted to their environment and launch geolocated campaigns.